What Are the Benefits of Earning Your Degree Online?

Traditionally, earning a bachelors degree at a campus-based college or university takes about four to five years. However, if you are looking for a faster and less expensive option, consider earning your degree online. According to The Higher Learning Commission, a study of accelerated online bachelor degree programs in 2000 found the following:

  • Programs are specifically designed to meet the learning needs of adults
  • Online courses are best suited for working adults returning to school
  • Most programs can be completed within two years or less

Scheduled around you. One of the main differences between online and campus-based learning programs is the teaching method. Most traditional college programs are teacher-oriented, whereas the teacher determines the objectives, course content and evaluates the student's learning and progress. In contrast online programs are designed for working adults and allow the teacher and student to collaborate in determining how to study the material and evaluate it. The flexibility of student-oriented learning gives students the chance to complete coursework on their own schedules, making it easier for adults with full-time jobs or family obligations to find time to complete their assignments.

You already know the ropes. While flexible class schedules and accelerated learning programs (versus traditional quarters or semesters) are two of the main advantages of earning your degree online, online classes require the same amount of dedication as traditional campus-based programs. Typically, most people earning their degree online already have some college credits, which can be helpful in gauging the amount of time needed to complete coursework, write papers and finish projects.

Learn more in less time. Based on the findings of The Higher Learning Commission, most adults were able to earn their online degree within two years of beginning the program, mainly due to flexible classes and accelerated degree programs. Many students also received credits for prior learning experiences, helping them fill their degree requirements faster.